Welcome to the Fathering Forum

The Fathering Forum is a  groups of dads from many walks of life, with children of all ages, who meet regularly as Fathering Forum Teams, in living rooms and community spaces for support, encouragement, feedback, advice and learning. Each dad is unique, but each father is committed to being a wise, loving, and responsible dad dedicated to promoting a safe, wholesome, happy and healthful environment for their own children, and all children.  Our basic premise is that dads are better dads when they work with each other  as a team for the benefit of their children.

We currently offer weekend events, seminars, face to face and virtual circles of fathers. We even have a Fathering Forum Telephone Team. These are supported by an online resource library, curriculum materials, and logistical support

The Fathering Forum Weekend

“Fathering is a Team Sport”

Being a father is exciting, exhilarating, fulfilling, and extremely challenging. The Fathering Forum Weekend promises to provide dads with the awareness, the tools and the fellowship to become the best fathers they can be for their children.

Invest in a weekend of fellowship with committed fathers like yourself to learn how easy it is to bestow even greater gifts to your children by:

  • Developing a more effective and powerful model of fathering
  • Communicating and listening more effectively
  • Knowing how to focus on the Big Picture by and still take care of the small stuff
  • Balancing fathering with your many other roles
  • Understanding the limitations of methods that havent worked
  • Exploring alternative approaches to fathering that have worked for other dads
  • Teaming up powerfully with other adults to benefit your children
  • Identifying and empowering your childrens dreams, special talents, and passions
  • Appreciating and empowering your own passion and commitment as a father
  • Becoming more confident and competent at realizing your goals as a father
  • Joining a team of fathers in your community who learn from and help each other
  • Making the world a happier, healthier place for your children, and all children.

The Fathering Forum Weekend is an intensive two-day workshop that uses group process work, hands-on role playing and instruction, thought-provoking exercises, and lots more to explore fathering with integrity, heart, intelligence, and joy. Fathering truly is a team sport.Come play full out! Your children deserve it.